Momentum wants to give you a chance to help you to validate your idea. Create a team. Lastly, be ready for this semester’s application program bc you’re starting earlier than you think. This stage is personal and if you need advice contact us


We open the application twice a year at the beginning of the academic school year.


Momentum will pick the top 20 teams. Then, the teams will have to pitch in front of mentors and alumni. Finally, about 6 amazing teams will be chosen to join the Momentum Acceleration Program. 


During Momentum’s 12 official sessions (and many more unofficial ones) our selected ventures participate in engaging lectures, workshops, and classes designed to help develop a strong entrepreneurial foundation‚Äč.

In addition to our extensive curriculum and selection of mentors, our chosen startups enjoy numerous benefits from our partners and sponsors – ranging from pro-bono legal consultation to discounted software and server space.


We continue to support our ventures long after they have graduated the program using tailored mentorship, targeted connections and specific help with whatever they may need to grow and scale their ventures further.


Ready to your idea?